What is Threading ?

Threading is an ancient art of eyebrow shaping and hair removal technique originating from Asia.  Threading involves twisting a thread of pure cotton between the fingers and around rows of hair to pull them out of their roots.  Threading has fast become the celebrities’ preferred method for shaping perfect eyebrows. It’s fast, accurate and pain free.  


Threading removes many hairs in one go, in contrast to tweezing or plucking, where hairs are removed one by one; so, it is a faster and less painful method of removing hair. For example, threading a set of eyebrows usually takes around 15 minutes and threading the upper lip takes around 5-7 minutes by a skilled professional, whereas plucking the eyebrows can take anywhere from 30-45 minutes.  

Perfectly Designed Look

Threading is considered to be a more specialised way of removing hair, especially from the eyebrows, because it involves a technique of removing hair in their natural lines, thereby, giving a more chiselled effect and well-arched eyebrows.  

Gentle with No Harm to Skin

Threading rarely causes harm to the skin and suits even people with sensitive skin.  

Very Effective for a Completely Hair free Look

Threading removes hair more completely and effectively than plucking as it is a very precise method and gives the smooth, neat and hair free look you're after.  

Finer, Softer and Less Dense Re-Growth

Threading causes new hair to grow finer and sparser, which is surely what everyone desires? Also, the hair free look lasts for 1-3 weeks depending on how fast your body hair grows.  

Suitable for People Using Vitamin A Products

Threading is one of the best options of hair removal for those using Vitamin A products like Isoretinoin, Retin A, etc. in which case waxing and many other methods of hair removal are not advisable.  

Suitable for Removing all Kinds of Hair

Threading is suitable for removing fine as well as coarse, long as well as very short hair, which definitely gives it an edge over many methods of hair removal.  

Where is Threading Used?

Threading is most commonly used for eyebrow shaping; removing facial hair, like hair from upper and lower lips, chin, sideburns, space between eyebrows and for removing hair from any body part, especially where smaller amounts of hair need to be removed. 

Eyebrow shaping

Threading is commonly used to define and shape the eyebrows. The treatment is kinder to the skin than waxing as no heat or chemicals are applied. Shaped eyebrows enhance facial features which is a real confidence booster.  Regrowth is finer, softer and smoother.  Your eyebrows complement your facial features and after one quick treatment, your eyebrows will look stunning. 

Is threading for everyone ?

Yes. As threading is kind to the skin, even those with very sensitive skin which often cannot be waxed, can have a threading treatment. Individuals using products such as Accutane or with very sensitive skin are advised to speak to an Arora clinician first.  

How often do I need to come in?

It is dependent on your hair regrowth. Generally, our clients visit us every 3-4 weeks.

Cost of Threading

The cost of threading varies for different body parts, ranging from £15 upwards per session.