Anti Cellulite Oil and HOTPANTS™

Arora has developed an Anti Cellulite Formula which is used to combat the effects of Cellulite - This can be ordered via phone on 01274666440.

Arora has also teamed up with Zaggora, who have designed amazing HOTPANTS™ which can be purchased through us - please contact us and you will receive £10 off the RRP.

HOTPANTS™ are iconic!

Specially engineered using our Celu-Lite™ technology, they work hard to reduce your body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite by increasing your perspiration by up to 80%. Wear it for your workout, in the gym, whilst running for charity or even while you sleep. Whenever you wear them, you'll feel them working for you.

Lose 2 jean sizes in 2 weeks, or maintain the body you have.  HOTPANTS™ use your natural body heat to promote deeper warming of your body tissue, specifically flushing out your fat cells and toxins. They work hard to give you the results you deserve.